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Airport Code for Aruba: AUA

Aruba Travel; flights, car rentals, hotels, beaches, and more

Flights to Aruba will fly into Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix, also known as Queen Beatrix International Airport.  Queen Beatrix Airport is located in Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad, and is very easily accessible from anywhere on the island.  Aruba’s airport hosts airlines from many different countries carrying Aruba flights several times daily.  Flights to Aruba run year-round, so any time of year you will be able to find a great Aruba flight from your home country.

The Aruba airport has undergone renovations to keep it up to date, and it now compares to large international airports as far as the conveniences offered.  Once your Aruba flight has landed, there are enough car rental agencies to choose from to find your perfect vacation vehicle, and restaurants and shopping are available in quantity.

Nonstop flights to Aruba are common from the U. S. and Canada, Central, and South America, and from the UK and other Caribbean islands as well.  From North America there is also the option of taking an Aruba flight with a stopover in Chile, Venezuela, or another beautifully exotic island on your way, though a direct flight is great because it will get your Aruba vacation underway much more quickly so you will have more time in paradise.  The more time in Aruba, the better!  You will love it here.



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