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About Aruba:

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Airport Code for Aruba: AUA

The island of Aruba

Aruba is a small island with huge possibilities.  Aruba travel offers it all, from lazy days laying out on one of Aruba’s many epic beaches, or having an adventure exploring the caves along the coast.  Speaking of beaches, everything that you have heard about Aruba’s beaches is true – they are some of the best in the world!  You can easily make a whole Aruba vacation out of just visiting all them, and still have some left for your next Aruba travel.

The weather in Aruba could not be more ideal, 70˚F to 80˚F all year long, and since Aruba is not on the hurricane belt, you never have to worry about a bad time to visit.  Aruba is a relatively dry island, with very little rainfall year-round.  It’s almost as if the weather knows that you want to be on the beach every day!  To top it all off, there is almost none of the humidity that you will find on other tropical islands.  How’s that for perfect?

The official languages of Aruba are Dutch and Papiamento, a native language to just a few Caribbean islands, though most Arubans speak fluent English and at least one other language as well, so communication is not usually a problem at all.  USD are accepted almost everywhere on the island, though the official currency is the florin (that’s what you will get if you use an ATM in Aruba).  Truly, Aruba could not be a more easygoing island, and the people there are so friendly that you will feel right at home from the minute you get off the plane.

Aruba is such a small island, just twenty miles from end to end, it is amazing how much it holds.  Your vacation here will be in your dreams for long after you return home.  Come visit Aruba and you will truly know paradise.


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