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Aruba Travel Tips:

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Airport Code for Aruba: AUA

Travel information and tips for visitors to Aruba

Aruba is an amazing place to visit, and is very easy to adapt to if you are aware of the customs.  We want you to have the best time imaginable on your Aruba vacation, so here are some Aruba travel tips to help you have a great trip.

Tips for Traveling in Aruba.

The official currency of Aruba is the florin, but U. S. dollars are widely accepted.  To get the best exchange rate, go to a bank upon your arrival.  Most hotels will also be able to exchange money, but often for a lesser rate.

Passports and Immigration
A valid passport and a return ticket is all that is needed for entry to Aruba for a stay up to thirty days, no visas necessary.  Proof of accommodation reservation and financial means during your stay may also be requested by immigration.  There is a departure tax of $36.75 if traveling to the U. S., $33.50 for any other country.

Tipping is expected (and greatly appreciated).  Ten to twenty percent, depending on service.

Medical Facilities
There is one hospital in Aruba and several clinics and doctors on call at all of the hotels.  There is also an ambulance airplane to take patients with extreme emergencies straight back to the U. S. if needed.  Aruba has pharmacies that are well-stocked.

The water is safe to drink, and bottled water is readily available as well.  Wash and cook all vegetables thoroughly before consuming.

Outlets are the same as in the U. S., 110V.

Dress is casual yet tasteful.  If you are planning on going to a nice restaurant or a casino, you will want to bring nice clothes with you, long pants and a jacket for men, a dress or nice pant outfit for women.  There is only one topless beach in Aruba (Manchebo Beach); all other beaches require full swimwear.  It can get a little cool during the evening, so a light sweater is good to bring along.


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